Eric A Hetland
Associate Professor
Dept. of Earth & Environmental Sciences
University of Michigan

The research in the Quantitative Earthquake and lithospheric Dynamics (QED@UM) group is broadly concerned with the deformation of the crust and uppermost mantle: earthquake mechanics, dynamics of the earthquake cycle & the lithosphere. Our work in Probabilistic Inference & Estimation in the Earth & Environmental Sciences (pie-EES or πEES) encompasses machine learning and data science tools. Our πEES work connects to several facets of our ongoing QED@UM projects, but we also address questions in climatology, glaciology, and the socioeconomics of disasters. Aside from just a case branding, group members tend to work under either the QED@UM of πEES banners, with graduate students and postdocs falling more under the former and undergraduate students falling under the latter.

Jan 2021: QED@UM bids farewell to Meredith Calogero (front left), Olivia Walbert (front center), Eric H (right), and Eric Szymanski (back).

There are currently opportunities for undergraduate students in scientific computing, mathematical analysis, machine learning, and data science.