Research projects span from the dynamics and mechanics of the lithosphere to inference and estimation problems. Applied mathematics, computation science, and data-driven analysis are fundamental to all of our work.

An overriding theme is much of our work is the dynamics of earthquake activity, including the process in which faults are loaded both in the long interseismic period leading-up to an earthquake, and the immediate postseismic period and how faults slip either during earthquake or in non-seismogenic creep. In collaboration with Prof. Becky Lange, we are also modeling the thermal evolution of the crust in volcanic settings, investigating the conditions that might prime the crust for an effusive volcanic eruption, like a supervolcano eruptions. Our work spans several time and space scales, and is both data- and theory-driven. More details on our work on the earthquakes, volcanism, and lithosphere studies can be found here: qed

There are also active projects in applying machine learning methods to geodetic data, in addition to problems ranging from climate studies to vulnerability to hazards. Some specific projects along these lines can be found here: pie